Is the Rest API documentation tool used by Atlassian Open-source?

And If yes, which one is it ?

For the rest API documentation or for the whole site?

For the Rest API. The title of the thread has been edited. Thanks for that.

Unfortunately not yet. The team wrote it all in React and it’s based, directly, on OpenAPI spec files. We even wrote the schema explorer from scratch. We also make good use of oas-kit and react-markdown.

It would be good to make it a publically available tool but, for now, it’s very new and likely to change based on Atlassian documentation needs. I’ll talk to the team and to try and see what it would take to open source it and then maintain it that way.

I’m the meantime, if we made a site whereby you could paste a link to your swagger file in a query param and we would render your swagger / oas file for you, would that meet your use case? No promises, but that’s an idea that I’ve been wondering about that might be a good middle ground before we open source it. :slight_smile:

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Could be a good middle ground, yes. I am currently using asciidoctor with spring Rest Docs for my own documentation, but I was thinking of moving it to an open api specification. It cold be a good incentive :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks a lot for your answer. And lets the team behind it know they made a hell of tool :smiley: