Is there a demo account for Atlassian app developers?

Hi all, I apologize for the novice question, but I’m new to Atlassian app development. I was wondering if it’s possible to obtain a demo account for my development needs? Specifically, I’m interested in one that is already fully populated with multiple users and has premium features enabled for testing purposes.

You can get a developer instance through Sign up - Try Atlassian Cloud | Atlassian

However, this is not populated. with a lot of data. There is currently no way to easily populate test sites. Most vendors have created their own scripts to just create data using REST API.

With regard to premium features: Marketplace Partners can have a premium site per app for testing purposes. Unfortunately I can’t find the link to the documentation about this, perhaps @ibuchanan can help here.

Even though I signed up as developer using the shared link, I’m still on 7-day trial and it shows me a notice that I will be charged according to publicly available pricing plans. Still, let’s see what would be after 7 days… Thanks for sharing @remie P.S. Great job with DynamicModules, wish you luck :crossed_fingers:


The free nature of those cloud-dev sites is connected to staying within the user limits. The limits are “soft” so will revert to a Free Tier account if you go over. 5 users are allowed for all products, but only 1 agent for Jira Service Management. That can be tricky because (last I checked) the user management is linked. If you add a user to Jira Software, they will also be added to Jira Service Management as an agent.

Also, anything that would require billing, like installing a paid app, can cause the reversion to Free. I can’t see how this would apply to you because you still have the right to try apps for free. I’ve seen this one kick people off after 30 days.

The minimum level for Marketplace partners is to have 1 paid Marketplace app. If you meet that requirement, you can request a Premium upgrade via developer support, using the “Accounts & Payments” option. I think the full disclosure of partner benefits is made through the partner portal, to which you can also request access through developer support with the “Partner Resources” option.


Hi @ibuchanan thank you for elaborate reply. I will stay within 5 users limit for Jira Software and 1 agent limit for Jira Service Management, and hopefully will not be downgraded to free plan automatically after trial.

P.S. I have added user and while inviting set their Jira Service Management role as “stakeholder” and it didn’t convert to agent after invite was accepted, this way I guess I can stay within 1 agent limit and not have my account downgraded to free after trial ends.

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