Is there a Jira API call that will tell me if a cover image is assigned to an issue?

Is there a way to find out if a cover image is assigned on a Jira issue? If not, can I assign one from an image attachment? I searched the Jira REST API v2 docs and came up empty.

I can check for attachments and maybe identify if one is an image and make an assumption. I don’t think that will tell me for certain if there is a cover image assigned or not since you can turn it off as mentioned here:

Thanks! - Mark Foster

Hello @MkFlyer

In a short answer, no. There is currently no REST API endpoint that will tell you if any attached image has been set as the cover image, the web GUI is currently the only method. Maybe you might like to raise it as a feature request.

Also, your question is tagged with Jira Cloud, but you said you checked the REST API v2 docs. If you are on Jira Cloud, you really should switch over to the v3 REST API, as development of v2 ended long ago.