Is there a limit for the repeated query parameter accountId when retrieving users?


There are a few endpoints that use the following strategy to bulk retrieve users.


Is there a documented limit somewhere that mentions a maximum amount of account-ids for such requests?

A quick google search for maximum URL length indicates that it is suggested to not exceed a URL size of 2048 characters or a query length of 1024 characters. With ‘&accountId=x’ being over roughly 50 characters, that is being done quite easily.

I think practically the limit is the upper limit on the URL size, rather than the number of account IDs.

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For what it’s worth, we are using the /rest/api/user/email/bulk endpoint in production and after some testing have settled on a limit of 75 account IDs for that endpoint. We use this hundreds of time per day and it hasn’t failed a single time so far, so I think you can consider 75 to be somewhat safe. Realistically, you could probably even go higher, but 75 is enough for us so we never tried.



Thanks for the information @sven.schatter