Is there a secret way to find out which board an issue belongs to?

I’m hoping I’m missing something here, but… I have an issue key - does anyone know a good way for me to find out which board it’s in? (which doesn’t involve me fetching all of the boards and looping over them :frowning: ).

Hoping that there is somebody that has run into this before…


Hello @danielwester,

Is the originBoardId returned by calling JSW Cloud’s Get issue a viable approach for your use case?


It would if I could find it, but I don’t seem to get that back (it’s not in the documentation either :frowning: ).

Interesting. The only time that it is not returned for me is when the issue is not in an active sprint. Here’s a sample positive response; you can see the originBoardId inside sprint

"fields": {
    "sprint": {
        "id": 7,
        "self": "",
        "state": "future",
        "name": "Sample Sprint 3",
        "originBoardId": 11