Is there a stable Atlassian SDK version to be used for JIRA 8.0.2?

I need to update one our add-ons to be compatible with JIRA 8. Now when I look for the Atlassian SDK version compatible with JIRA 8.0, I dont find anything! Please see the snapshot attached:

Looking at the recent versions, I picked up the latest version 8.0.7 and somehow got it to work with a lot of issues. Like for atlas package and atlas-run , I have to use :

atlas-package -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true
atlas-run -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true

Per this ticket : [AMPS-1491] Error "An error has occurred in Javadoc report generation: Unable to resolve artifact:groupId = '' " - Ecosystem Jira

This is very undesirable. Can we please confirm if I am using the right version of sdk for JIRA 8 and ensure the marketplace versions depict it correctly?

Hi @yagnesh.bhat,

Yes, Atlassian Plugin SDK 8.x with AMPS 8.x versions are compatible with Jira 8.x versions, however we are aware that there are some bugs.

AMPS 8.x and the Atlassian Plugin SDK 8.x include many changes, as we upgraded our maven version and added compatibility for Java 11. This involved renaming all the AMPS plugins due to a change in maven plugin naming conventions.

If you’re running into any specific problems with either AMPS 8.x or SDK 8.x, please do raise a ticket in either the AMPS or ATLASSDK projects on (or vote for and watch existing issues) so that we can resolve them and understand the impact of the issues.

The ticket you mentioned above is a duplicate, so it’s best to watch for updates. We’ll be fixing this in a release soon. In the interim there’s a workaround described.


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@mpaisley, thanks for the reply. One more thing, I am assuming this same version would also be compatible with the upcoming Confluence 7.0 as well correct?