Is there a tool to find all the Gitlab repos that changed for a release (fixVersion)?

Background - we are using Jira with Gitlab Integration.

My Question - I’m looking for a tool to help streamline some aspects of my release process.

When I cut a release, I need two lists to go into the release notes.
1 - The list of Jira tickets tagged wit the release
2 - The list of gitlab repos that were affected since the last release.

Item 1 is easy to do if we tag our tickets with the correct fixVersion.
Item 2 is not easy and is a very manual process today.

So I’d like to find a tool to help streamline item 2. For example, a tool that did either of the following two things would simplify my release process significantly:

1 - In JIra, for a list of tickets tagged with a specific fixVersion, I want to generate a list of repos that those tickets affected, thus telling me what repos will change in this release.


2 - In gitlab, given for each release I tag all my repos with the release number, I want to be able to search the commit history since the last release tag and return a list of all the Jira Ticket IDs in those commit messages. With that list, I can write a script to cross-correlate this list with the list of jira tickets in the release and output a list of repos associated with the release.

Option 1 is better than option 2, but either would help me.

The process I mentioned above is something I believe any other company using Jira and Gitlab integration would want/need to do. So I’m hoping there is something out there to do this.

If there aren’t tools to help do this, then how do other companies do what I’m trying to do without a lot of manual tedious work?