Is there a way to bind display condition to a custom global permission

I could successfully add global permission to our forge app. But we have two issues:

  • Key of this permission is not intuitive, and, format of is not documented anywhere. For our case: ari:cloud:ecosystem::extension/c40a8893-092f-4ad5-a838-73323eb9382e/a9370d29-21c4-4804-9fbb-523c7b9d5b7d/static/atlascli-terminal-permission
  • displayConditions module doesn’t has something like “hasPermission”. How do we bind them together?

Hi @denizoguz,

Although I can only answer the first question, I guess keys of global permission are in the following format.

ari:cloud:ecosystem::extension/[App ID]/[Environment ID]/static/[Permission ID]

App ID is automatically defined when you create the app by “forge create” command.
It is written in your manifest.yml in the format “ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/[App ID]”.

Environment ID represents a Forge app environment: development, staging, or production.
You can get your environment ID in the way explained in the following comment.

Permission ID is what you define as a key of your global permission in manifest.yml.

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Hi @denizoguz, @KanakoKobayashi,

Sorry for the late reply. For some reason, I didn’t get notifications for this group…

The key format explained by @KanakoKobayashi is correct. We will update our documentation, to clearly specify the format.

Regarding your second question. We are planning to add hasPermission, so other modules could use permissions defined with these two modules. Unfortunately, I cannot commit to any date, when this feature will be available.
Currently, permissions can only be used in Jira admin panel.

Again, apologies for the late response.

Best regards,

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