Is there a way to display add-on in glances for mobile versions only?


To make an add-on available for Mobile we have to display it in Glances. But it turns out many of our customers prefer the add-on to be displayed under the issue’s Description (in jiraIssueContents) so strongly that they even opt out of using the Mobile version at all.

Is there a way to display an add-on in Glances if an Issue is opened on Mobile, and in IssueContents for all other platforms? Something like the AP.jira.isNativeApp but for Connect Conditions or Jira Expressions?

Thank you!


Don’t think it is possible right now but we are also highly interested in an expression like that to provide a better user experience

Not possible, unfortunately.

I have asked the Jira mobile team a few times about the condition that could allow for it: Want to see your app in Jira Cloud mobile? Glances have arrived!

@JoshCarolan, @aagrawal2, has something changed recently? If not, is this something that you could add in the nearest future?



We also want this feature for our app ProForma.

We put our app in issue contents which is the most appropriate place for forms. We’d like to add an issue glance so that mobile users can access forms too, but without a way to restrict that to mobile users then website users would end up with forms appearing twice. That would cause all sorts of synchronisation and race condition problems, so we’re not going to do that. We are better off not adding a glance even though it means mobile users miss out… but if we could restrict that glance to mobile only then we would implement it.