Is there a way to get the configuration of an insight customfield using the JAVA API?

Hi guys!

I’m having a problem.

For some reason, I need to get all the valid options of an insight customfield using the java API. As it’s not a regular select customfield, I can not get the options using the optionsManager.

My idea was to get the configuration of the customfield, and from that, get the IQL for that customfield. Then i could proceed to execute that IQL using the insight java API and get all the options for that field.

The issue is that, after an exhaustive analysis of both the jira java API and the insight java API, I could not find a way to retrieve this IQL. Has anyone managed to accomplish this? (I’m open to use the rest API if i need to).

In the insight API i found this class, that seems to be exactly what i need:

But unfortunately, I did not find any Facade that retrieves an object of that class based on a Jira customfield ID.

Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance.

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