Is there a way to update an issue with REST call and do not generate an entry in issue history?

I have noticed that “edit issue” REST endpoint accepts historyMetadata which allows setting an actor and description.

Is anyone aware if it can be used somehow to skip adding an entry to issue history?

Some of the customers of our Issue Checklist app want to keep all the features that we deliver through integration with custom fields, but they don’t want to clutter issue history at the same time.



I have tried to PUT historyMetadata (description, author, etc.) to “edit issue” REST endpoint but without any effect.

@kkercz, maybe you know if/how it is supposed to work?

I’ve seen somewhere that the endpoint is buggy as the transition functionality does not work. Maybe it is related?


historyMetadata is additional information you can put into the history. It won’t allow you to suppress adding an entry.

There is currently no way not to generate a history entry when updating an issue.

Perhaps you could develop an alternative implementation of your functionality, based on issue properties? Issue properties updates won’t be visible in the history.


Thank you @kkercz.

historyMetadata is additional information you can put into the history.

How does this “additional” information should be visible in issue history?

I tried sending the below JSON to Jira and the only change was description set to “abcd”. No other changes in the history where visible.

I was not able to find any meaningful documentation describing historyMetadata.

{"fields": {"description": "abcd"}, "historyMetadata": {
    "type": "myplugin:type",
    "description": "text description",
    "activityDescription": "text description 2",
    "actor": {
      "id": "tony",
      "displayName": "Tony",
      "type": "mysystem-user",
      "avatarUrl": "http://mysystem/avatar/tony.jpg",
      "url": "http://mysystem/users/tony"
    "generator": {
      "id": "mysystem-1",
      "type": "mysystem-application"
    "cause": {
      "id": "myevent",
      "type": "mysystem-event"
    "extraData": {
      "keyvalue": "extra data",
      "goes": "here"

It’s not visible in the UI, but you can get it back via the REST API in changelogs, e.g. https://[instance][issuekey]?expand=changelog


OK, I see. Thank you for the explanation.

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I ve a custom field. I do not want to create history/activity log (in DB) whenever I update it. Is it possible?