Is there an API available to Create/Modify/Delete Users and/or Groups?

I’ve scoured the community and system settings and am unable to find any information regarding this. I am looking to integrate JIRA and Confluence Data Center with EIM (Enterprise Identity Management) through an API. Does Atlassian have the capability today to (through an API) Create/Modify/Delete Users and/or Groups?

Hi @CameronHolt

Jira - yes, the application has a built-in API for Create/Modify/Delete Users and/or Groups

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Confluence - the application has a built-in API for retrieving data, not modifying it

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Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @CameronHolt,

I confirm the APIs @adam.labus pointed out are the right ones at the product level. Also, Atlassian has traditionally provided richer identity management as something to buy into as your org grows; hence, Crowd is the Atlassian directory product.

Also, like @adam.labus has pointed out there are many apps in the Data Center ecosystem that solve for various aspects of identity management that Atlassian has not chosen to solve, such as SSO and some richer aspects of directory management.

Both Crowd and these apps may explain why the product-level APIs are not quite as rich as you might need for a really deep solution for EIM, and hopefully unlock a solution for you.