Is there an API for the notifications within Jira?


In my custom Jira Cloud App I want to push a notification within Jira (see screenshot). Is there an API for this? I did not find these in the api documentation.


Thanks for your help.

Regards, Patrick!


Hey Patrick,

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community!

Unfortunately integrating your app with Jira or Confluence notifications functionality (through the UI or otherwise) is not possible in Cloud at this time.

From our perspective, there’s clear value and pre-existing interest in this feature request, so it’s certainly on our radar as something we’re considering long term.

If you don’t mind me asking, could you share some detail on your use case and what you’re trying to achieve? This will help the team with prioritization and understanding how best to implement it if/when it lands on the roadmap.


Customers of our Issue Checklist apps would love to see in Jira Notifications various events related to the checklist (just like issue events), e.g.:

  • Acceptance Criteria has been completed in POT-34 by @JensSchumacher
  • New Acceptance Criteria has been added to POT-35 by @AndrewGolota
  • You have been assigned acceptance criteria item in POT-36

Given the problems with sending notification emails to users (our use case has been accepted, but we are still waiting for being whitelisted - over a month already!!!), pushing important information to Notifications would be very helpful.



Hey @jack,

Thanks for sharing context on use case, it’ll help us a ton when we pick this up!

Really sorry to hear about the wait you’re experiencing with email approval here - this sounds unusual. I’m following this up for you internally and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back.

Thank you @SimonKubica

Here are the related tickets: DEVHELP-4273 and DEVHELP-4272

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Hey Simon

Thanks for your answer.

My scenario is:

All participants of a sprint should notified if a sprint is closed so that they could do a post action in the context of the closed sprint. I’m not a fan of e-mail notifications so I wanted to use the inner notification possibilities.

Are there other notification possibilities?

Thanks for your answer.

Regards, Patrick

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Thanks for your support @jack :slight_smile:

@jack, just circling back to confirm your email notification request has now been approved. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with :slight_smile:


@Patrick thanks for sharing your use case. As you’ve called out, we support email notifications (with approval through the Developer Service Desk), but not anything in-product at this time unfortunately.

As one workaround, you can of course build this service in yourself and integrate it through an iframe, but fully understand that that’s not as ideal of a solution as us exposing this as a platform module for you. I’ll make sure that your desire for this is expressed to the team so that it’s up for consideration as we plan our roadmap.


Hi @SimonKubica, Is there any progress made after one year and a half?

We are interested in having this API to become available. We do have have a usecase to automate the creating of a projects automatically. This would mean we could fully automate! Please any updates? Thanks

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