Is there an app specific URL for a forge webtrigger?


the following scenario. When trying to call an external 3rd party app via OAuth from a forge app, the call needs to have a callback URL which matches the callback URL from the OAuth app registration in the 3rd party app. However, since a forge app is installed in an Atlassian tenant, I think each app installation has a different URL, right?

For example:

Let’s say I register a Facebook app. This Facebook app has a client id, client secret and a callback URL. Now I install a forge app containing a webtrigger and a project page in tenant A with the site URL and in tenant B with site URL Is there an app specific URL which could be used as the callback URL in the Facebook app registration?
Because after logging into Facebook and authorization the OAuth flows sends a token to the callback URL registered in the Facebook app registration, but if the webtrigger has a different URL in every tenant, than there is no real way of doing this, right?

Hope its clear what I’m trying to achieve, just let a forge app communicate with a 3rd party app via OAuth. #codegeist

Thank you and kind regards

You can always get your webhook via webTrigger.getUrl(moduleKey: string): Promise<string>;
The output is a full URL for the Webhook. This URL you can use as the callback url.

When you want to use the same token or callback for both apps, it is not possibly.

Just to be clear, If I install my App into 2 different tenants, I can’t use this webTrigger.getUrl(moduleKey: string) url as the callback Url?