Is there an ETA on "removing the allow access prompt for Forge apps"

This seems to be a day 1 request. Is the a reliable ETA on this? I am starting a new App. This is a critical factor for me to choose between ACE and Forge.

This card is at the bottom of the WIP list while it is the top for partners. Very interesting.

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I’m sure Adam will update it to next quarter soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Should have never shipped to production given the hilariously amateur UX of rendering an unclickable “Allow access” button for Forge macros inside the Confluence editor.

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@nathanwaters (unfortunately) you read my mind :slight_smile: :sob:

As I said on the Trello card, I’m really sorry for pushing the date out again. I know everyone uses the roadmap to make important decisions about what and how to build. That’s why we try and be transparent as we can about when we expect things to land.

In this case, it just turned out to be a more complicated project than anyone on the team expected. All I can promise is we’re committed to solving it and we’ll do whatever we can to get it over the line next quarter.

Hi @AdamMoore , thanks for your reply. While I have you here, do you happen to know if “context menu” module is going to be ported back to Connect?

I really want to use “context menu” but don’t want to take the risk of using Forge in the new application. I may consider migration it to Forge once the UX issue is solved.

The page.view.selection/action-panel web item should give you similar functionality in Connect

Hello @AdamMoore, I appreciate your response. After reading Deprecation of Connect JS getSelectedText API for security reasons, it seems that a Connect App cannot retrieve the selected text, which undermines the very purpose for which I intended to use this functionality.

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