Is there an example of jira:adminPage using Section and routes?

I’m trying to create Custom UI admin page for my plugin.

According to this:

I can successfully create a single Custom UI admin page by:

  1. Specify a resource in manifest
  2. Not specify sections in jira:adminPage module

The result is a single menu item in the side menu under “APPS”, click on it and my Custom UI page pointed to by the resource is displayed. So far so good.

Now I’m trying to make it look like ScriptRunner… there’s a separate section and multiple items in the side menu.

From the document I suppose I have to:

  1. Specify sections in manifest
  2. Under sections, specify multiple pages
  3. Use react-router in App.js (like

However it failed. For jira:adminPage, it complains there’s already a Router defined.

The routing example does not use sections. Is there an example for jira:adminPage using sections?

It seems to be an issue with forge tunnel.

After I do npm run build, forge deploy (and don’t start tunnel), force refresh in browser, the menu items appear in the side menu.


I originally wanted to display them like Table Grid / ScriptRunner:

Now looking at the URLs of their items, it seems they are not jira:adminPage at all, as they are /plugins/servlet/… instead of /jira/settings/…, they are something else entirely.