Is there any Java API for JIRA Software?


Is the JIRA Software Java API supported? If so, where is the doc or some example to start?


Hey Pablo,
I think you’ll be wanting to look at: that also contains some tutorials for Software specific tasks. Don’t forget that Software is based on the JIRA Platform, a common set of API’s and for which there are a lot of docs, start at

Yes, but the JIRA Software Java API reference looks like ends at the very old 6.7.12 version. Then REST.

whereas I’m looking for the Java API (no REST) for JIRA Software (7.x).

Does it exist anywhere?

Oh, I see you are looking at , right. Probably you should raise a support ticket about that, you may get lucky.

You could also just download the sourcecode for software, find . -name is very handy.

I did try building JIRA just now, was unable to do so, due to missing dependencies not published on the public maven repo. It would have been neat to be able to build the javadoc that way…

Take a look in the source distribution in the dependencySources - it should have the sources for jira-greenhopper-api.