Is there any Onchange event for Select Options

Is there a way to invoke the change event of a form select option? (something similar to react onChange)

My requirement is that when I change the project from the select option of projects it should invoke a rest API call to get list of Items.
I am developing App for Azure Devops and Jira Integration.So I am listing all the project from Azure Devops in one dropdown .Based on the project selection ,i will call Azure devops API to get Work Item.This list will be listed in another dropdown.

So I want to use Onchange Even

t for dropdowns.But onchange event is not working

Kindly help me on this team.

Unfortunately, FormCondition is the closest thing we have at the moment but it might not be dynamic enough for your use case.

We’re currently running a closed EAP for a client-side version of UI Kit which would include onChange handlers for all the Form components but it won’t be ready for production use until next quarter at the earliest.

For the moment, your best option is probably to use Custom UI.


Thanks for the response.

Since i have more dependent fields for my app.

Is it possible import react ui /external ui components.
i have tried but it not working.

No, you can’t import components sorry. Again, this is something we’re working on with the new EAP (Trello) but is not currently possible.