Is there any option to migrate Developer API Keys app-keys to Power-Ups?

Hello Devs,

We have an app that is created in Developer API Keys working and available to Users. When we came across a community question and in one of the replies, a Trello support person said Developer API Keys will be closed soon.

For Now we can access our app, but can we migrate the app-keys to Power-Ups in anyway?

And also if the Developer API Keys will be closed soon, is there any exact deadline of when it will be unavailable?

Yes, you can connect a legacy app key to a Power-Up. Go to and either select an existing Power-Up or create a new one. In the “API Key” section of the management screen, enter in your existing app key and click “Use Existing App Key”. Assuming that API key is not already linked to another Power-Up, it should work. Let me know if you have any trouble with that.

As for a deadline, there is no deadline to migrate your keys at this time.


Hello Jireh

Thanks for the response.

I have tried what you have said above and I got into some issues. When I create a new Power-Up and choose “API Key” section, it only allows me to “Generate a new API Key” and there is no option called “Use Existing App Key”. And there is no option other than “Generate a new API Key” as well.

I also checked, if we can change the API key after we generate a new API Key. But there is no edit or change option on that as well, as we can’t change the generated API Key.

Looking for your Response :slight_smile:

@Jireh Any updates?

I believe this is because there is no Developer API key associated with the account you are logged in as. To double check, you could provide me with your member ID and app key and I can check for you. You can submit a Bug Report at our portal and we can correspond there. Feel free to link this thread in your ticket.

Or, you can try logging into the account which has the API key and try connecting the API key to the power-up.

Thank you @Jireh

Like you explained, I am trying with an account that don’t have the app-key. And when I tried with an account that has an app-key, it asks for use existing app-key.

I have a another question.

There are users who authorized during the app-key mode, what happens to them after the migration from app-key to power-ups done? Will the tokens work without any issues (or) we need to re-authorize those users?

The tokens should work with no issues, so no need to re-authorize. It’s only if you decide to use a new app key, then your users would need to re-authorize.

Okay, Thanks for the help @Jireh .