Is there any REST API to Update the labels fiels athe the issue Label

Hi Team,

Currently I am using this REST API ( to remove the selected labels from a particular issue.
But by triggering this API in my code, the labels are getting removed from the issue as well as from the global label options(which we don’t want)

Also Is there any REST API to edit the labels field options globally, (adding or removing labels)

Kindly help me with this ?

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Hello @AmiyaKumarSahoo

I cannot replicate that problem. If I use the Edit issue endpoint, I can add or remove labels on one particular issue, but the labels persist globally and no other issue is affected.

Nope. There is only the Get all labels endpoint that allows you to find all the labels. Refer to JRACLOUD-33672 that is tracking the corresponding feature request for global label management.

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Hi @sunnyape

Thanks for looking into this.

Can you please check if the issues which you removed using that endpoint still exists in the global label options.
Sometimes for me it does not gets removed at the particular instant. It takes few hours.

I was able to replicate this issue at my end.

Thanks in Advance,

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean. I didn’t remove any issue, I edited an issue.

I also don’t know what or where a ‘global labels option’ is. Perhaps if you provided a screen grab of that thing, it might be clearer what you are referring to.

Sorry My Bad,

I was asking you to check whether the labels values that you deleted from the issue (using the edit issue end point), if they still appear in the globally labels field

Navigate to Project settings–> Issue Types → Select the issue type where you have configured the labels.
Attached a screenshot for ur ref.

Now you are talking about something totally different. That’s not an ISSUE you’re looking at, that is an ISSSUE TYPE, which are templates for the issues in that Project.

There may be some loose correlation between the actions you have performed when editing an issue and the effect on that thing on that page, but the REST API endpoint you have been using has nothing directly to do with that thing.

I think you might want to spend more time familiarising yourself with the different components of Jira and what their relationships with the REST API endpoints are.

Good luck on your learning journey.