Is there any way to access either the categories of a project, or a list of projects under a certain category using the Jira rest API?

When calling GET /rest/api/2/project, I’m not seeing a projectCategory in the projects returned which I’ve seen described by other people. I’m using this while working with a dropdown menu that holds all of the projects on a JIRA server, and am planning on using the category to filter out projects under that category from the dropdown.

Hi @sullivan-bormannaj, have you set a project category value for the projects that you are returning in the REST API?

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Do you mean specifying that I want the project categories returned when making the REST call? I haven’t seen any information on that on the REST API page.

If you’re asking if I’m manually setting the project category value on the projects I receive from the API call, I am not as I want to know what projects are in what category on the JIRA server.

I’ve looked into the code for my project and realized that the data returned from the API was trimmed by a different team mamber so I wasn’t seeing the projectCategory object. I can see it now and have no more issues.