Is there any way to tell when a filter has been updated or used last?

My org has more than 7K filters, created over several years. Also there are a lot of fields defined for issues. We would like to be able to cleanup some of the unused stuff starting with the issue fields, and one of the things that consumes those fields are the filters. I can cross reference the fields and filters to find out which fields are not used by any filters, but the filters that do reference some of the fields may also be no longer used. The best I can come up with is if the filter is owned by someone no longer with the org (still have to check dashboard uses of the filters)

Is there a way to determine when was the last time a filter was executed? or when it was last updated?

I’m hoping there is some kind of pattern that can be applied to dashboards or other JIRA stuffs but I cant find anything related to this topic in the docs.

Not easily. Perhaps if you are on-prem you can process the access log.