Is there any way to update older version of Forge apps

With this update, Simplified user consent for Forge (Preview), app that opt into it will have major version release.

That means admins will have to upgrade the app manually via Manage apps in Jira settings. That itself is not a bad thing, but how do we inform admins about a major version?

One option would be to add a message to the older version to inform users about the new version. So if I have v2.0.0 and v1.0.0, I will need to do minor release v1.0.1 to achieve the above. Is there any way to do minor release in older versions?

Sorry, but it’s not currently possible to release a new minor version of a previous major version. There is a FRGE ticket you can vote for here.

I agree it would be really useful but it’s not currently on the roadmap.

While there is no plan currently to allow updates to old versions, we are currently in the initial stages of exploring how we can make updates more visible to admins so that adoption of the new version is faster.


You should make updates visibly to regular app users so that they can request their admins to update.
Admins on cloud sites are not always that attentive to “the state of the apps”.


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Three ideas here: Major upgrades invisible to users, blocking security updates - #3 by nathanwaters