Is there REST API to get Confluence page details by URL?


I searched the Confluence Server REST API spec (*** edited: link corrected to: ***).
Maybe I missed it but I haven’t found a possibility to get a page by URL. I really wonder why.

(I understand you can make a workaround like getting all pages from a space and check if one of them has the input URL and then you can find the page ID, etc… but it is really not the preferred way to do it.)

So, is there any way to get page data (such as pageID) by URL?
If not, is there a specific reason for that?

Thank you.

What is the format of your URL exactly?

If it’s something like
then you can just extract the page id from the url and use it to call the get pages endpoint like normal.


yes, this is true for the cloud version but not for the server/datacenter version.

For these the URL looks like : https://<confluence-root>/display/SPACE/title


If you were not aware, the Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server/DC products have been diverging for many years. It’s best to keep questions separate for these concerns because the answers will usually be different. In your original post, you referred to the Confluence Cloud documentation but now you’re mentioning Server/DC. Would you prefer an answer about Server/DC? In which case, I can move the post to that category.

Sorry, I used wrong documentation link, thank you for pointing out.
I meant this one (version is just example):

I am interested in the server version.