isMulti in select doesn't work

I’m using the Select component from UI kit 2, but when I set isMulti={true}, the select doesn’t work as a multi-select, only as a single select. Can anyone help me?

import  {Select, Option } from '@forge/react';  
import React, { useState } from 'react';
import { getIssuesType } from '../backend/dates';

export const ComponentSelect = () => {
    const issuesType = getIssuesType();
    const [selectedOptions, setSelectedOptions] = useState([]);

    function handleSelectChange(data){
        console.log("elementi selezionati: ", data);
  return (
    label="Issue Types"
    isSearchable={true} >
    { => (
        <Option key={} label={} value={}>
export default ComponentSelect

Hi @LuciaValenzise ,

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community.

This appears to be a bug so I’ve created FRGE-1236: UI Kit 2 Select field with “isMulti”={true} select only works inside the From component.

As this bug suggests, you can work around this by wrapping the Select within a Form component.