Issue/addon Fields and next-gen projects

Hi team,

We are updating our addon to support next-gen projects. Something I could not find is how Issue (addon) fields are supported.

How can a project admin add one of our addon fields to an issue type in next-gen projects? We would need to fall back to custom fields with manual user configuration.



Hi @fboucquez,

We are working on supporting issue fields added by connect apps for next-gen projects. In particular, we are extending the connect module you refer to, to also work for next-gen. Stay tuned and thanks for writing in!



That is great news. However, please remember that connect modules do not allow to add multiline custom fields so many vendors (us including) create these fields through API. So, please either add support for “multiline custom fields” in next-gen or connect modules.


Thanks for your feedback. We are working on adding support for “multiline custom fields”. The existing Issue field connect module would start working for next-gen and have support for “multiline custom fields” once this work is done.

What app(s) do you build for Jira and would adding this support suffice to get your app to work for next-gen?

Hi @AbhinayaSinha,

That’s a piece of news!!!

The apps are:

The apps have 9k installations in total so you will make a lot of users happy when this feature is out. There are also many other vendors and their customers who will benefit from this change.

Our apps work with Next-Gen projects to some extent. However, the lack of multiline custom fields in Next-Gen limits the functionality significantly.


BTW. Is there a public ticket that we could watch to get instant notification when the feature is released?

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Is there an estimate on when add-on created for classic projects, that adds single select and text fields to issues, will be supported for next-gen projects?


We’d like to be able to use the issue field module as well, specifically the “read-only” fields as dynamic modules. Let us know if there’s a public issue we can track. Thanks!

Hi, @jack we have recently gone live with this feature where you can add multiline field support by using the existing module. And this support has been added for both classic and next-gen projects. We have released this feature in conjunction to the App Fields feature which is new way of supporting app-specific fields in the next-gen projects. You can read more details on this post -

Hey @irena.shemesh we have recently went live with this feature where you can use app created fields for next-gen projects as well. You can read all about that in this post