Issue Content vs Issue Glance - UX Guidance


I have read the design guidelines for the new issue view. In the guidelines, “content” are supposed to be the primary way for interacting with the app and the glance is typically for secondary information or rare interactions. In my current App, I offer customers the possibility to display the app either in the right-side panel or directly in the issue details. This is more of a preference on the user’s part and it was a popular request at the time.

Now, if I strictly follow the guidelines, my App should only be displayed as an issue content. But Atlassian’s customers won’t really care about guidelines. They will still want to have the app behaving according to their preferences.

I believe that many vendors will respond to their customers requests and propose the choice to display the App in both locations thus diluting the vision that Atlassian had for their new issue view.

Any thoughts on this?


Hey @yvesriel, great question!

The design guidelines are there to provide some more details and direction on how we view the purpose of each area within the issue detail view. One of our goals is to make each issue detail view extension point about their semantic meaning rather than a specific location on a page. So ‘issue content’ vs. ‘…left.context’. We are also thinking about the issue as a system so that extending it would happen in a more opinionated but sensible way as opposed to just being able to place something anywhere on the page.

However, as with any guideline, these are recommendations not something we can strictly enforce. And I don’t think we want to do that even if we could, as there are many use cases that will not cleanly fit into the guideline. In those cases, the design guidelines are there for you to decide the best tradeoff. As a best practice, you should be testing what is the best user experience and the outcomes of that would decide the route forward.

In your example, if you are getting a popular request to shift how your app is viewed in the UI then you should by all means offer that capability. You could shift around whether you provide something in the issue content, the glance, in the actions, or the activity feed. As far as diluting the vision that Atlassian has, we do not consider it a dilution but more as an evolution that helps make our vision even more compelling by working together!

I hope this helps clarify your question a bit.

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