Issue Glance and Right hand panel

I have a right-hand panel that is being translated into an issue glance for the new issue view. I was going to create an actual issue glance, as well as the right-hand panel but I don’t want both on the same issue.

How do I create a right-hand panel, an issue glance and not also get the right-hand panel translated into another issue glance (making two issue glances).


Hi @paul

AFAIR Jira automatically hides (does not show) the classic right-side panel if there is a glance with the same key.


Thanks @jack, that’s just what I need

Just tried to create the glance with the same key and Jira won’t load the atlassian-connect.json file. If I give it a unique key then Jira loads it correctly. Looks like the right-hand panel doesn’t load if there is a glance on the page.

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The rule is much simpler: if your add-on descriptor declares a glance, all right-hand panels are ignored in the new issue view.

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