Issue Glance dynamic badge value on Board/Roadmap Issue view is cached?

Hello there,

We implemented a new Issue Glance in our app with a dynamic badge that displays the total logged time on each issue:Issue Glance

It works as excepted when the user opens the Issue page directly: the badge value is updated and displaying the actual value.
However, when the user is on a board (kanban, sprint) or on the roadmap, and opens an issue (on boards in the new issue dialog view, and on roadmap in the sidebar on the right), it seems like the value is cached.


  • On a kanban open the XY-1 issue in the new Issue dialog screen, the glance badge value is 0h correctly
  • Close the issue dialog
  • Open XY-2 issue, where the value is 3h correctly
  • Now open the XY-1 issue again

Expected Result

  • The glance badge value is 0h

Actual Result

  • The glance badge value is 3h (cached from the prevorius issue)

I’ve tried out some other apps where a badge is used and experienced the same behavoir. Is this intentional, or will it be fixed in the future? Is there a workaround for this to make it work properly?

This has been fixed by Atlassian.