Issue glance layout content too long on dialog open


For the past couple of days I’ve encountered an issue with the issue glance layout content.

Whenever I open a modal via a button from the issue glance then the glance content gets elongated
past the issue dialog height.

I’ve attached a screenshot with the issue. The question is I am doing something wrong when creating the issue glance content? or is this a known issue in Jira? I am using handlebars templates for the issue glance content (.hbs) and I am extending the layout {{!< layout}} with the issue glance content.


Hi Robert,

it looks like you are running into the same issue that we (still) have in our application.
I already asked about this in the community some time ago. Here

I think they are aware of this issue and hopefully a fix for this will be available in the future.

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Ok thank you, I understand that I can ignore it then :slight_smile: .

Thank you for your response!

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