Issue Glance Pinned Open

Hi, is there anyway yet to permanently pin open an Issue Glance? One of my customers want to permanently see the information that my plugin displays


I don’t think it is possible. You might consider moving the app content to the left side “Issue Content” but it requires users to explicitly show it (click) for an issue:

Thanks for the reply Jack. If you have to click Issue Content then it is basically the same as the glance. Anyway the content is narrow so better suited to the right hand side.


Hi @paul,

The additional difference is that once clicked/added, the “Issue Content” is always visible (pinned) on the Issue View for all users. You can also open and hide it programmatically if it makes sense.
It is not a perfect solution so if your content fits better to the right side of the Issue View then it is probably not worth to change it.


@jack, ok thanks for that. I’ll take a look at it.

Does anyone from Atlassian know if that type of functionality will come to the Issue Glance