Issue glance with more than one set of data

Hi Everyone,

I ran into a design issue with the new issue view glances. I’m hoping to find tips or suggestions that help us move forward.

Our app is used to manage multiple entities: companies, contacts and sales. Users can link these entities to issues. We want to make this functionality available inside a glance, as glances provide context to the issue.

I initially designed this glance, which indicates what entities and how many of them are linked to the issue:


But we just learned that it’s not possible to update the label in the glance. It’s only possible to update the label, lozenge or icon on the right-hand side. So this would be possible:


But this options isn’t nearly as useful, since you have no idea what kind of information is linked to the customer. An issue linked to a company and a contact is very different from an issue that is linked to a sale.

There is the option to add this text to a lozenge. But it looks horrible, is hard to read and doesn’t work well on smaller screens.

Did anyone else run into this issue? Any suggestions or ideas? @tpechacek @kai?

Thanks in advance,


Here’s how we solved it for now:

It’s a pretty ugly solution that doesn’t work well on all screens.

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