Issue in the RestAPIs in ACE App

I’m trying to get the list of users of my organization, and I want to see the email address of each user. I know I cannot see the email address directly, but that why I’m trying to create connect app.
I’m still getting the email of the loggedIn user only.

Please show me a way around of this issue.

Hi @AshwaniGarg, I believe this guideline may anser you question.


akassab has explained three ways to get the email address of a user in your organization.

Our requirements matches with the 3rd one.
3. Apps using admin installation and consent flows (i.e. an admin has installed and consented on behalf of end users) have been approved to access the email API.

Could you please guide me, how I can implement this.?

I have tried to create ACE app, and hit the user’s api from that express app, but again it only giving me the loggedIn user’s email.