Issue interface disabled while plugin loads in the sidebar


We develop a JIRA plugin that integrates in the single issue view, in the right sidebar, under the “HipChat discussion” widget.

Some of our users complain that while the plugin loads, the other elements of the view are disabled. It slows them down as they do not need the plugin to be loaded to perform most of the actions.

I tried to reproduce the issue but with no success: on my local dev instance, interface elements of the issue view are always enabled while the plugin is loading.

The user is using JIRA server 7.5.0. Is there a setting somewhere that would enable me to reproduce this issue so I can fix it or guide my customers towards a solution?

Feel free to ask for more information if needed.

I don’t know how you can reproduce that problem. What I do have is an idea for how you might solve the problem. Instead of fully populating the panel during it’s initial rendering, could you instead make it download some JavaScript that calls back to Jira over HTTP to do any long-running tasks and/or fetch any additional data? I’m thinking that the page load would happen quickly, and then the rest of the content in your panel would load asynchronously.

We are already doing some kind of asynchronous loading for our plugin.

The customer sent us a video of the issue and in fact it’s the way JIRA works: while it loads the issue page, the left menu items are loading and the UI controls are not responsive until it is fully loaded. He tried with our plugin disabled and the behavior was the same, so it’s not really a plugin issue after all.

Thank you for your time and help on this David. Much appreciated.

It’s the first time I’m posting on this forum. Should I put [solved] or something like this in the title bar to indicate that it does not require attention anymore?

You should mark your own answer as the correct answer.

That’s neat to have it built-in in the forum. Thank you for your help.