Issue navigator web item button is not showing name and it's wrong aligned

Hi guys,

We are using a web item located at the issue navigator, as a button in the button menu of the top-right side (jira.navigator.pluggable.items), where are located other elements as the export dropdown, the search-share button or the bulk change option.

The problem is that, days ago, our button there is shown wrong aligned. The button name is not shown too (I guess this is the real problem that is provoking the wrong aligning of the button).

We were setting the web item name only with its value, but we have tested with the i18n property but the problem remains. We’ve also tested other plugins, like Web Fragment Finder from Wittified, and they’re also suffering the same problem.

Can you help us?


Hi @alvaro.aranda,

We’re aware of the issue:


Great thanks @dmeyer, I will watch the issue then :slight_smile: