Issue Picker current search results

I’m having some troubles while using Issue Picker endpoint. The endpoint seems to respond with limited number of issues - is there any way to increase this limit? Also, the response is divided into 2 sections - history search and current search. I’m interested only in current search, as I’m using currentJQL parameter. However, results of history search seem to ‘consume’ most of the aforementioned limit, making the issue picker almost useless to me (current search provides only 3 of 9 expected issues).
My use case - search for Stories with keys starting with ‘lo’.
My rest request: ‘/rest/api/3/issue/picker?query=lo&currentJQL=issuetype=story’.
I expect 9 issues. History search returns “15 of 15 issues” and current search returns “3 of 9 issues”.
I’d appreciate any help.

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