Issue search post call returns only maximum of 100 results

issue search post call returns only maximum of 100 results. how to go beyond that.? when I gave 250 as max results, it returned only 100 of them. is there any way without pagination? to fetch all results of jql?

See “startAt” parameter.


In Jira Cloud, you cannot increase the max results above the default, 50. So, there is no way to get more results than 50 without pagination.

@ibuchanan Is there any way to increase pagination max results size beyond 100? so that I can fetch 250 records at least per one call.


@iragudo tells me the limits are no longer reflected in the docs. Whether 50 or 100, the limit is set for all instances of Jira Cloud. It cannot be increased.

Thanks for the mention, @ibuchanan.

Hi @DhineshDhanapal, there is a way to increase the maxResults beyond 100 and that depends on the fields you want to return. If your use case is only interested in the issue id and key, the maxResults can be set to 1000 (see this change notice) - do note that it works for both GET and POST. If you need more fields than that in a search result, then what you are currently experiencing is the current limit.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks @iragudo.
Is there any way to get also summary and icon Url along with id and key with more max result count? it would work in many concerns for us. At least up to 500?

I can understand when we go for fields, it disturbs the performance. let me know if any such a way to use them.

Dhinesh Dhanapal

Hi @DhineshDhanapal, after double-checking, adding fields other than id or key returns a max of 100. As @ibuchanan and @KCWong mentioned, pagination is the route to take by making use of the startAt parameter.


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Depending on your use-case you might be able to use the expression eval API endpoint to return 1000 issues per page

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