Issue search returns empty results when using Oauth 2.0 on Jira Free/Evaluation

I’m playing with user guide for Oauth 2.0, and I have encountered a problem. I was testing two rest endpoints:

  • issue search
  • get issue data

First one gives empty results, second one throw access denied error on Jira Free or Standard(evaluation). It works fine on Jira with active subscription, so I assume that my implementation is correct.

I would prefer to test my app on free/eval Jira instance. Is that possible?

@GrzegorzTaczyk I have found, that just installed apps get empty users list for first 5-10 minutes, maybe the app is not fully installed during this time. And only after waiting 5-10 minutes, the data start to come.

Do you have the same in your case? Or your issue is persistent?