Issue Status: unique IDs


for Jira’s default issue status, they have a name and an id. The name will depend on the language of the Jira instance and thus is unique for an instance but not globally across instances. Is the ID globally unique? Is there a guarantee the ID will not change sometime later? Is there any official doc that lists the issue status ID’s with their names?

When I use issue-status objects from the Jira API every issue-status has a unique name and a unique (integer) ID. In a custom Jira Cloud Forge App we use some Jira default issue status like ‘In Progress’. In some cases those might not exist, i.e. if no project has been created yet on a new instance. In this case we test if they exist and if necessary create them. We do this by checking their name. This will inevitably lead to problems when a Jira instance uses another language. I.e. in German then name would not be ‘In Progress’ but ‘In Entwicklung’. (the ID of the issue status is the same, in this case its 3)
It seems that internally Jira does some checks on new issue statuses that are created using the API, because if - like in the case above - there is no ‘In Progress’ status and I try to create one with this name, then the API will throw me an error. Most likely because the Name ‘In Progress’ is a default mapping to ID 3 and in the German instance this status already exists but using a different name.

This makes our usecase very difficult because right now we can neither use the name nor the ID to safely identify an issue status. Neither can we create an issue status with the name because of the safeguards Jira seemingly has in place.

Do you have any suggestions in case there is no save way to assume that the default issue statuses always use the same IDs?

thanks a lot, Moritz