Issue tab panel visible only for specific group users

Hello Community!
I have done Issue tab panel. Now, I want to make it visible only for specific group of users like “Programmers”. What is the best way to do this? Someone have similar problem? Regards :slight_smile:

Hi @lpopek,

you have probably defined a WebPanel for your panel in your descriptor (atlassian-connect.json on cloud or atlassian-plugin.xml on server). That WebPanel definition can also take a condition value, in which you can define what condition has to be fulfilled so that the panel is shown.

See for server or for cloud.

The exact permission you’re going to use depends a bit on how you store the group (is it always the same? do you store it in the plugin properties in cloud? can you maybe replace it with a role, such as admin or sysadmin).

If you give more details about that, I can give you further pointers.
Hope this helps,

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