Issue transition webhook does not include custom field

I’m facing quite a simple problem, hopefully easy to fix.

I’m using an issue transition to fire off a webhook.

All is good, except I’m not receiving the value of a custom field I’ve defined within the issue.

Is there anything I need to do so that Jira includes all content including custom fields for the issue in the webhook JSON body?

Hi, does that mean that you have a postfunction set which sends a webhook, or are you registered with a webhook to issue updated events?

When do you assign the value to the custom field?

I’ve verified that registering for issue updated will send issue with custom field data.

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Thanks for getting back to me!

Yes, I have a post function that fires off a webhook (event type: Issue updated).

The value is assigned during the issue transition, before the webhook is fired off. (Webhook is the last postfunction).

In the request body I receive, I see some other custom field values coming in, but not the particular value I’m after.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi again,

one more question. Any chance you are using JMWE to set that value? Those functions are asynchronous ( by means of the external plugin) and it can take a while for the issue to be updated.

If not, I’ll try and reproduce it later today.


No, I’m using the standard Jira postset functions. Do you believe the issue is the asynchrony of Jira?

I don’t believe we’re able to purchase external plugins like JMWE. Maybe I can play around with the way the transitions happen to force the value to update before the webhook is fired? Would that even make sense?


The core Jira post functions are all synchronous. Can you provide steps to reproduce this behavior? The kind of postfunction you are using etc.