Issue Update trigger missing information

Hi, I’m listening for an issue update to find when comments are being deleted. I get the trigger but the change log information is incorrect. The from is stringified json (which doesn’t have the comment text) and the from fromStr is null


How do I get the text of the deleted comment text?

Hi @paul,

String representations are not included by design for certain updates, this is why in the case of comments you have from but not fromString. You would normally be able to get the actual comment text by id taken from the from property. However, in the case of comment delete this might not work because the comment has already been deleted. This is a special case. May I ask why you require the comment text for your app?

We will be updating our event documentation soon to more accurately reflect the above as I acknowledge that we do not sufficiently cover this today.

Kind regards,

Hi @SamPurchase

Thanks for getting back to me. My app needs to keep a history of all deleted comments. I can see two ways of doing this: store every single comment in the Forge App Storage/entity properties or capture the deleted text at the time it is deleted. I’d prefer the latter option.

Is it possible to get the deleted text added to the fromString?

EDIT: Actually, it would be nice to get the whole actual comment that was deleted. I see there are some of the comments details in “field” (comment id) so we could have an object key where the value is the comment (so you get all of the comments details)


Hi @paul,

I agree, I would prefer the latter too if it was my app. I think this feature request best sits within so that it can be prioritised accordingly and tracked. Would you mind raising this there?


Added a feature request: [FRGE-241] Need delete comment event with old comment text - Ecosystem Jira