Issue with chainresult.summary panel location in Bamboo

As a result of a customer support request we have been able to reproduce an issue in Bamboo. Whenever an app adds a web-panel to the chainresult.summary.right location, all the panels in the chainresult.summary disappear (incl. the comments section).

I’ve created an example project that showcases this issue: GitHub - collabsoft-net/bamboo-comment-box-issue: This is an example project created using atlas-create-bamboo-plugin to demonstrate the issue with the chainresult.summary disappearing when an app has web panel on chainresult.summary.right

If the example app is enabled in Bamboo, the comment section is no longer visible. When the app is disabled, the comment section reappears.

The issue is not related to the latest version, but has been prevalent in several (older) Bamboo versions. At some point I’ve stopped going back to previous versions so I don’t know how long this issue has been in the product.

Can someone from the Bamboo team look into this?

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@remie please let me know if it’s still an issue, if yes I’ll forward it to our dev team

@MartynaWojtas yes, this issue still exists. You can confirm it by running the example project from GitHub

Hi @remie,
Thank you for providing sample project which helped to reproduce the issue.
The reason Bamboo renders incorrect HTML is redundant html/body tags at chainresult-summary-right.ftl and jobresult-summary-right.ftl.
If you leave only div element there then Bamboo renders all panels correctly

<div>This is a jobresult.summary.right panel</div>