Issue with Copy Paste Image in Atlaskit Editor - Media Provider


I want to paste image by ctrl+v option in my atlaskit editor, for that I am using atlaskit media-provider (sample code : mediaProvider: {{storyMediaProviderFactory(mediaTestHelpers)}}).

But when I try to upload image its give me error message Failed To Load, , by doing some R & D I got to know we need to sync some AP request like /upload/createWithFiles, /chunk/probe, /chunk/, /upload/chunks and /file/upload, but I haven’t get any detail document related to this.

One way is to use legacyImageUploadProvider but its not fulfill our requirement, Anyone with knowledge related to this can share their idea / experience with me.


Sample Code Used which is working with older version of atlaskit editor (tried with version 119.0.0 and below) but its not working with latest version.

const mediaProvider = storyMediaProviderFactory({
includeUserAuthProvider: false

allowMediaSingle: true,
allowMediaGroup: true,
provider: MediaProvider