Issue with retrieving recent projects

I’m currently working on a plugin that accesses a user’s projects, and I’m making a call to the API to get the projects they have access to. When not specifying that I want X recent projects returned, it works fine. However when I make the call specifying any number for how many recent projects to return, it returns an empty object and no error. Has anyone else encountered an issue with this?

The request url I’m making is: code here)&recent=1

Using my own personal Jira board. I’m also specifying the recentnum in the JWT token

I’m using this request and am specifying the number for recentnum.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Hi @sullivan-bormannaj,

Why are you passing the jwt as parameter? Where are you trying to invoke this call? You can also do this via AP.request, something like this:

    url: "/rest/api/latest/project?recent=1",
    success: function (responseText) {



I realized now that this call was being made without having a user’s information passed to the API, thus resulting in an empty object being returned since an anonymous user won’t have a recent history.

Thanks for your response.

Hi @sullivan-bormannaj,

Glad I could help. So you’re already okay with this? Can you please mark it as solved if ever, for other developers.