issueLinkType JQL field works incorrectly?

I’m confused by the behaviour of issueLinkType. The same issue is present in all four searches:

  • issueLinkType = "is blocked by" AND issue = TEST-6
  • issueLinkType != "is blocked by" AND issue = TEST-6
  • NOT (issueLinkType = "is blocked by") AND issue = TEST-6
  • NOT (issueLinkType != "is blocked by") AND issue = TEST-6

There is only one link on TEST-6: TEST-6 is blocked by TEST-9.

I’m amazed how both A and !A can have an intersection…

Hi @sank,

Although we’ve answered your question in the ECOHELP ticket, I’m posting here as well since it’s such a odd answer and I’m sure the community would like to see it.

The cause is that ScriptRunner is installed on the affected sites. ScriptRunner defines an issueLinkType alias for the entityProperty[scriptrunner.issuelinks].types .

Therefore, when we search issueLinkType=foo , Jira actually searches for issueLinkType(Jira)=foo OR issueLinkType(ScriptRunner)=foo

Therefore, if somehow the ScriptRunner entity property has a different value (other than is blocked by ) equality checks always pass because Jira issueType matches, inequality checks always pass because the ScriptRunner entity property does not match isBlockedBy.



Hi James,

That is good to know. We thought that this worked differently, so good to get clarity on it.

Kind regards