IssueMentioned email notification header modification

We currently have a customized MailThreadManagerImpl.class which sets the email header: Reply-to on almost all outgoing email so our users can reply via email and create a comment on an issue.

The reason for setting this header manually is that the previous administration (around 2016) was getting quite a bit of complaints regarding emails coming from the name Jira (Jira) rather than the individual triggering the notification. So, what they did was leave the From: header as replytojira@, which is a nonexistent email inbox., and then they configured the Reply-to behavior as described above. This gave the users a best of both worlds: emails coming from the individuals AND the ability to comment on issues from email directly.

So the issue we’re now facing is this: we’ve recently upgraded to Jira 8 and moved the MailThreadManagerImpl.class over to the new instance. We have noticed that all emails seems to be setting the Reply-to as intended EXCEPT for the Issue Mentioned emails. I was told this was due to a long grass issue:

My question is this, is there any way to enable Issue Mentions to pass through our customized MailThreadManagerImpl.class, in order for the Reply-to header to be set?

If not, is there another option for us within our current environment configuration to enable the commenting on issues directly from IssueMentioned email notification?

Hmm. I think if I were redoing our setup I would change the default From address to donotreply@ and then change the specific project’s From addresses to allow for replying to email. However the quality of handling incoming email is not that great (lots of signatures as attachments, getting overloaded etc) so I encourage people to click on the link to the issue and add a comment that way.

As for @mentioins, they do seem to be their own special thing. If email is enabled, even if you delete the notification scheme, mentions in emails still send mail! That’s confusing in non-prod Jira instances.

For changing the From address, does setting the “Email” in a project below Notification Schemes help at all?