Issues when migrate workflows from server to cloud


I’m an app developer and I’m getting some trouble when migrate workflows from server to cloud.

The migration have one project with one workflow as you can see in the image:

We follow this tutorial and in the step 2 we get multiple workflows, even if we only associate one project with one workflow. We notice that they are separated by Valid Rules and Invalid Rules.
It would make sense if the valid rules were the workflows from the project we were migrating, and the Invalid rules were the previous migrated workflows, but the valid rules are workflows that we’ve already migrated.

This are the Valid Rules:

This workflows are from a server project that was migrated in a previous migration, while the project we are migrating have one workflow, and is used only in one project.

There are some known problems about migrate workflows?
Invalid rules are the previous migrated workflows? Why are we getting older workflows as valid rules instead of the current workflow used by the project we are migrating?

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Rafael Morais


Hi @RafaelVideiraMorais,

Thanks for your post. I’ve spoken with the team and hopefully this will help answer your questions.

A: No - I realise this is a short answer but you can check our public migration project to see if there are any open bug to do with workflows.

No, invalid rules are workflow rules that are passed in ruleIds field of request payload in step 3 and does not belong to the cloud workflow specified in that request ( workflowEntityId field of request payload).

As mentioned here, mappings are linked between the server and cloud site, regardless of how many migrations or transfers are completed.

You will get mappings of workflow rules that are migrated as part of previous migrations. You need to select workflow rule mappings that your app has not processed and perform step 3 of this tutorial only for those workflow rules that your app have not fixed before. In Step 3, please make sure that you pass correct workflow entity id and workflow rule ids received in step 2 of the tutorial.

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Hi @jrichards ,

I realize that I was doing something wrong.

Thank you for your help.

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Rafael Morais.

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