Ist there a way to hide the horizontal scrollbar of a dynamicConentMacro?

I work with different zoom levels in my content macro and it seems the macro shows the scrollbars according to a zoom level of 1. Below it scrollbars appear, without hidden content present.

Is there a way for a connect app to hide the scrollbars?

Hi Michael,

Can you maybe elaborate on what you mean by zoom levels? And if you also share some screenshots, your HTML and maybe your CSS, people will be able to help you better. :slight_smile:


Hi Sven, sorry for bothering. I pasted my code and saw that I had the overflow: hidden at the wrong element. All is good now.

What I meant with zoom was the following:

        height: `${height * zoom}px`,
        overflow: 'hidden'
            height: `${height}px`,
            transform: `scale(${zoom})`,
            transformOrigin: '0 0'
        width={`${100 / zoom}%`}

That lets me fill in any size of iframe content.

Or is there a different good practice for this?

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