Java REST API client for Confluence/Wiki

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I am trying to search for examples and details for any Java REST API client for Confluence/Wiki which i can use instead of writing home grown code to serialize and deserialize etc.

Same Q is also posted here and its unanswered with solution. Please advise


@BarathSubramaniam, welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

I can confirm that Atlassian does not maintain such a client library. However, we do maintain Open API specifications for Confluence REST APIs that you may be able to use to generate a Java client via Swagger CodeGen.

It’s a good question for the community because I know there are various language-specific clients around for different Atlassian products.

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I googled the Open API specification for Confluence REST API, but couldn’t find it. Do you have a link? @ibuchanan

Hi @StefanD, welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community!

The OpenAPI specification is indeed a bit too hidden from discovery (apparently for both users and search engines), even though it’s kinda hidden in (almost) plain sight behind the menu on the top right of each page of the Confluence Cloud REST API docs:


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Thank you very much @sopel ! But this seems to be only the case for the cloud version. I can’t find a similar option for server

Sorry @StefanD, didn’t realize the original question has been about Server.

I’m afraid there has never been any official Open API specification for Atlassian Server products. That being said, most Atlassian Java based products use Jersey under the hood, which provides Web Application Description Language (WADL) support out of the box under a well known runtime URL, e.g. for our Confluence instance:

  • https://{{host}}/wiki/rest/api/latest/application.wadl

Once you have your WADL document, you can try to derive an Open API specification via one of the few converters that support WADL, e.g. API Spec Converter.

Good luck!

PS: IIRC these WADL documents also used to be linked from the Server REST API reference of all products but Confluence, e.g. that’s still the case for Jira 8.2.1:

There is a WADL document that contains the documentation for each resource in the Jira REST API. It is available here.

However, be warned that the Atlassian Server platform docs are badly maintained for years and often misleading or entirely defunct by now, and in light of Server EOL and Atlassian’s aggressive prioritization of its Cloud platform, there seems to be close to zero chances that this will ever be addressed, all the Data Center approved apps and quality rhetoric notwithstanding …

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